Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito

Tales from your taste buds.

Watch this space for true stories told by real burrito lovers like you.


Burritos are to Fort Collins like maize was to the early Native Americans. It’s a staple food here and everyone is looking for the best place to grab one. Is it the fact that we live in a college town? It is just a regional thing? What is it with Fort Collins and burritos? I don’t know. All I know is that I like to eat them. If there’s ever a debate about food here in Fort Collins, it’s about two things and one of them is where to get the best burrito in town. I’ve had burritos from all over and we always come back and crave the same place. Big City Burrito.

Now, I know. Many of you might be thinking, “Seriously? Big City?” and the answer is yes. Big City Burrito has what I dare to claim as the Best Burritos in Fort Collins. Apparently the students at CSU agree with me and Sports Illustrated college edition has also listed them as a noted place to visit. A locally-owned shop and the first store to start it all, Big City opened their doors in July 1994 to hungry people willing to wait in rain or shine with a line wrapping around the corner for their burritos. Since then they’ve branched out into a small franchise opening eight other stores in Colorado as well as going as far as Hawaii and Nebraska. They have some of the most savory ingredients that make your mouth instantly water at the thought, much like Pavlov’s dogs. They brought the mission-style burrito to the front range; a choice of different flavorful tortillas, rice, beans, a variety of meats and salsas. And they stuff as much food in there as possible while they’re at it, all wrapped up tightly in foil and a handy plastic bag. These burritos are no joke.

Everyone has their own personal favorite burrito and some of the combinations are endless, especially considering the huge collection of hot sauces available on display by the front door. My personal favorites? For breakfast, I love a wheat tortilla with eggs, potatoes, carne asada and pico de gallo. It’s a simple burrito that packs a peppery, juicy punch. For lunch, I almost always get a wheat or spinach tortilla with rice, black beans, chicken bay leaf, pico de gallo and guacamole. OH SO GOOD. I’ve tried to make the chicken bay leaf at home and I can never get it to taste the same. There must be some secret ingredients in there. My husband is a die-hard fan of the jalapeno tortilla with jack cheese, half carne asada, half bacon, egg, potato, tomatillo, ranch, and strawberry habanero sauce. He gets the same thing for lunch minus the egg and bacon. It’s a well-seasoned flavor, a little smokey, a little sweet from the strawberry and a bit of a spicy kick that’s softly mellowed from the creamy ranch to make sure the feisty habanero doesn’t get out of control. It’s a good thing these burritos are wrapped up tight in foil complete with a drip control plastic bag because these monsters can get messy. But I like messy. In fact, the best bites of the burrito are the end where all of the juices and flavors collect. Wow, I’m drooling just writing about it.

You really aren’t going to get anything like this at the big-named corporate Tex-Mex burrito places like Qdoba or Chipotle. A down-side to Big City? You’re not going to get the clean updated eating atmosphere as a corporation either. Big City truly is a hole in the wall; small, hot and a bit grimy, but they always seem to do well during health inspections. Big City Burrito has been a Fort Collins favorite for many years and I have a feeling that it will continue to be for quite some time.


I had the pleasure of living in Ft. Collins for 6 years and never craved burritos until I happened upon Big City Burrito. I ordered the potato burrito with Strawberry Habanero sauce and never looked back! It was a glorious epiphany and experience and I could seriously eat one every day and never tire of the deliciousness. I have since moved to Michigan and my heart is broken that my beloved potato burritos are 1300 miles out of reach. My mouth is watering right now as I think about it! I have tried to make them at home and can’t even come remotely close to replicating them. I would give anything for a Big City Burrito to open up near my home now. You are burrito gods and have created a piece of culinary art that will live forever in my heart!


I must begin by saying I was extremely resistant to trying a burrito at Big City. I have always favored another local company and I was beyond content eating there. In fact, I was well know for promoting them, and taking it upon myself to support them, even in other states. A friend, who knows my love for anything, ” warm and cheesy” told me I had to try this mystery Tuesday deal. $3.99 for the most delicious, seasoned, moist, crispy, soft, mixed, flavorful, fresh, warm potato burrito, It’s delicious and it is a vegetarians dream. I love it so much. I get one every Tuesday, at Parker and Peoria. The staff knows me, I often spontaneously clap my hands as it is being assembled. I can’t tell you enough… love love love

Spinach tortilla, potato (no onions), cheddar, pico, sour cream, guac… and a root beer, of course!

No one else has anything like this!! I’m an unpaid, self-proclaimed promoter of your company.

I would eat more, but I’m on a budget so Tuesday it is… sometimes twice in the same day 🙂


I grew up in Estes Park and started eating Big City Burritos in 1997. All I can say is it was love at first bite. I recently moved to Oregon and I am having major homesickness for Big City Burrito. I am on the internet right now at almost midnight looking at the menu and remembering that sweet taste I love so much. I will be back in Colorado again and when I am Big City Burrito will definitely be one of the first stops I make!


I grew up in Fort Collins, I now live in Lincoln NE. I go home probably two or three times a year to “visit”. Honestly, it is great to see everyone again but the only thing I am thinking about throughout my whole trip out there is stuffing my face with a fat big city burrito! I try to eat there at least once a day while I am home to get my fill. Thank god for big city burrito!!!


My Big City Burrito addiction started in college back in ’99. I remember standing in lines that would extend all the way out the door along College Ave. The lines usually consisted of hungry college students—like myself—waiting to devour a delicious burrito that was bigger than my face.

My absolute favorite thing to get is the chile verde with black beans, cheese, jalapeno salsa and guacamole all wrapped up into the SUPER huge 12″ jalapeno/cheddar tortilla.


If Mercedes Benz is known as the luxury of vehicles than Big City Burrito is the luxury of burritos!

If the wheel was one of the finest creations ever invented than Big City Burrito comes in second! Oh my… I’m talking about the aroma alone is enough to brighten my day!

I order the Chile Verde Burrito. It’s my favorite but I have to say all of them are divine! Their burritos are stuffed to the max with homemade ingredients and that my friend is what it’s all about.

Taco Bell, Taco John’s, Qudoba, El Pollo Loco and all of the “other” burrito shacks should take notice because their burritos have nothing on Big City’s burritos. If you want a real burrito that will make your mouth salivate even while you’re eating one, go to Big City. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it!

Order the Chile Verde Burrito. I start with a Super jalapeño cheddar tortilla; add some pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce, sour cream and guacamole but hold the black beans (I’m just not a bean enthusiast) – but trust me, that doesn’t take anything away from the burrito!

Well that did it…I know now what I am having for lunch.

Your Big City Burrito fanatic,
Ft. Collins, CO

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