Big city Burrito
Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito
Big City Burrito

Introducing a Better Burrito.

On July 7, 1994, we introduced Fort Collins to our big, fresh burritos. Since then, people have been lining up around the block, waiting for a taste of something special from our taquería-inspired menu.

We hear a lot from people who’ve come a long way for a Big City burrito, people who have a powerful craving that can’t be satisfied anyplace else. To those people, we say thanks for giving us a reason to come to work and build burritos every day.

Fresh. Flavorful. Fierce.

At Big City Burrito, you won’t find microwaves or freezers, and you won’t find everyday fast food, either. We pack your tortilla with everything you crave and nothing you don’t want. From carnitas to potatoes, every ingredient is perfectly seasoned with our secret recipes, and every burrito is built just for you. Why? Because it’s our mission to turn hungry into happy.

Your burrito will be the perfect blend of flavors and textures, because you choose every part of it, from the type of tortilla to each fresh, made-from-scratch filling. So you always get everything you crave and nothing you don’t want.
Big City Burrito. What you want, when you want it.

Big City Burrito

Voted Best of CSU 2002-2019

Big City Burrito was voted best of CSU every year from 2002 to 2019. We also were feautured in Sports Illustrated on Campus in 2005.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a California-style burrito?

When we came to Colorado in 1994, we brought with us a better kind of burrito, one that was huge, self-contained inside a large tortilla, and made to be held in the hands and eaten without the use of utensils.

What makes Big City Burrito special?

It’s the food. Our ingredients are fresh and flavorful. We hand-trim our own meats, and we make our guacamole and salsa from scratch every day (you’ll never see a freezer or a microwave at Big City Burrito). Let us build you a burrito. Then you’ll taste how much we care about freshness and quality.

Who started Big City Burrito?

Howard, Laurie and George were all here at the beginning. And they’re still here. If you stop by our Fort Collins location, you’ll probably run into at least one of them.